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PSYCHOTHERAPY - Dr. Kwee provides psychotherapy for adolescents and adults using scientifically supported modalities for a number of psychological conditions. His therapeutic approach is an integration of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, and Existential Therapy - modalities with strong support in the scientific literature for effecting therapeutic change.

Psychoeducational AssessmentPsychoeducational Assessment

PSYCHOEDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENT - A psychoeducational (or “psych-ed”) assessment is designed to identify a child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses, evaluate achievement levels, identify learning disabilities, and make recommendations for academic supports and accommodations that will allow the child to do his or her best in school.

Psychological AssessmentPsychological Assessment

PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT - Dr. Kwee conducts psychological evaluations for various purposes including disability applications, litigation, adoptions, missionary preparedness, and general treatment planning.

If you are struggling emotionally and want some solutions, consider engaging in psychotherapy with a registered psychologist.

Working with a psychologist can help you to deal effectively with depression, anxiety, trauma and other psychological conditions.  Psychotherapy can also help you to improve your relationships and cope better through a crisis. Given the reciprocal relationships among emotions, health, and behaviour, psychotherapy can also support the management of health conditions like chronic pain and heart disease.

A skilled psychologist will consider your unique needs and tailor a plan to help you reach your goals.  Working with a psychologist can not only improve your condition, but equip you with insight into your problems and help you to develop effective coping skills that will outlast your time in treatment. If you are interested in working with a Christian counsellor, Dr. Alex Kwee can also offer psychological care from a faith-affirming Christian counselling perspective upon request.

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