Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy Services

Dr. Kwee provides psychotherapy services for adolescents and adults using scientifically supported modalities for a number of psychological conditions. His therapeutic approach is an integration of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, and Existential Therapy – modalities with strong support in the scientific literature for effecting therapeutic change. Learn More »



Psychoeducational TestingPsychoeducational Assessment

A psychoeducational (or “psych-ed”) assessment is designed to identify a child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses, evaluate achievement levels, identify learning disabilities, and make recommendations for academic supports and accommodations that will allow the child to do his or her best in school. Learn More »



Psychological EvaluationsPsychological Assessment

Dr. Kwee conducts psychological evaluations for various purposes including disability applications, litigation, adoptions, missionary preparedness, and general treatment planning. Learn More »



Autism AssessmentsPsychological Assessment

Standards for autism assessments are established by the BC Ministry of health, which indicates the assessment protocols, standardized instruments and criteria for diagnosing autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Learn More »



ADHD TestingADHD Testing

The basic components of a stand-alone ADHD assessment include a clinical interview, developmental history, administration of standardized measures, and a report with rendering of diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Learn More »




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