Sexual Health Resources

I have published my work in the area of male sexual health and religion in academic journals, as well as presented it at conferences across North America. Some practical resources I have written are included here:

Constructing Addiction from Experience and Context: Peele and Brodsky’s Love and Addiction Revisited

Constructing Addiction from Experience and Context: Peele and Brodsky’s Love and Addiction Revisited.

Theologically-Informed Education about Masturbation: A Male Sexual Health Perspective

This original article (co-authored with Dave Hoover) appeared in the Journal of Psychology and Theology. It is aimed at unmarried Christian men and its purpose is to facilitate critical thinking, engaging the fields of theology, psychology and sociology, on the issue of masturbation.

Sexual Addiction and Christian College Men: Conceptual, Assessment and Treatment Challenges

This article, published in the Journal of Psychology and Christianity, explores the problems of applying conventional notions of sexual addiction to a unique population: young, unmarried Christian men who struggle with sexual compulsivity but avoid partnered sex due to their religious value system. Issues in assessment and treatment are discussed.

Sexual Addiction: Diagnosis and Treatment

This Powerpoint presentation was prepared for an invited talk I gave at the Addiction and the Road to Recovery conference in October 2010, sponsored by the Liver and Intestinal Research Centre and Northwest Baptist Seminary.

Here’s a useful external link to understand more about sexual addiction in general:

Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH)

Website of the professional organization that is dedicated to treating, preventing and educating about sexual addiction.

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